Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed for families to have piece of mind and a safety net. Employees purchase life insurance for many different reasons. Employees may want to insure their their potential loss of income to cover debts if their family experiences death.

As people become older, get married, have families, and start businesses we realize how important life insurance is. It is a crucial part in protecting our legacies, families, and assets. There are several types of life insurance available at various different price points.  Our team will work with each employee to help them pick which plan is right for them.  Insurance can be confusing and it is not your responsibility to know exactly what you need or want.  That is our job and we are here to help.

We offer life insurance at the lowest prices on the market and work with all of the major carriers. Our agents have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to life insurance.  We can offer it on a voluntary basis; employer paid, or can even offer it on an individual basis.  Your employees will have different life insurance needs and may require different structures when it comes to plan designs. We work with whole life, VUL, UL, and term life to name a few.  Most of our life insurance products do not require any underwriting and are guaranteed issue.