Our Philosophy

You can make a difference or you can make money, we believe that our clients endeavor to do both. Despite the many challenges both large and small businesses must over come, employees and their benefits typically come as a necessary part of most every business opportunity and yet not all challenges can be addressed by just opening your doors and asking. We aim to offer a one stop solution for a new business owner. Simply put, we are your resource you can count on for all things HR. We make it easy to get back to your professional passion. Look no further, we got you covered!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, ours started because we saw a need in the market for clarity. With so many changes the industry makes whether because of politics or market factors, it can be daunting to anyone who just seeks straight answers and we seek to address these and other challenges. We offer full service HR solutions that make it easier for your to do what you do best. You focus on why you got into business and let us handle the complicated stuff.

Meet the Team

These are the people you will be doing business with… in case you were wondering.

Ty Hudson

Founder & CEO

He’s really not that interesting. He is however a big believer in people. He has excelled at nearly every sales position he have ever had. His ability comes solely from knowing his “why”, and working through his challenges. We all have a story to tell but we are all in this together, get ready to win.

Vice President (vacant)

Our next VP will possess strong communication skills, a strategic vision, a strong and credible H.R generalist background, leadership, and so much more we haven’t the time to write it. If interested please email your resume to contact@txinsuranceguys.com

CFO (vacant)

Please email contact@txinsuranceguys.com for more information on the position requirements.

Next Steps…

Request a quote or give us a call and let us show you why other small businesses made us their insurance guys!